Harmony “Sunny” Schreiner 

(Please call me Sunny)


Artist (varied professional)

Best known for the viral creepypasta, “The Pink Backpack,” or “The Story of Lisa.”


Age: 29


Artistic Skills:

•Traditional Art (i.e. drawing, painting)

•Digital Art (i.e. digital paintings, typography, graphic design)


•Paper Filligree (quilling)



•Resin Art (i.e. jewelry, cast sculptures)

•Creative Writing

•Linoleum Carving (printing blocks or rubber stamps)


•Stage Makeup



•Sewing (toys, purses, clothes)

•Printing (business cards, fliers, brochures)

•Animation (preferably stop-motion)


Some of my skills may not be listed here, but do feel free to ask. I am always learning new things and am willing to step outside of my comfort zone if need be. I have never turned down a custom request.



Email: ocularfracture@hotmail.com